Grandma Eavie II

Not many people can say they met their great-great grandparent. I only knew one grandparent (my mom’s dad) but he lives far away and I feel like I missed out now that I see what my girls have. My Girlies know all four of their grandparents, have five great-grandparents, and one great-great grandma. I’m thankful that my kids don’t know it any other way.

She has an electric stove now, but this was the cookstove Grandma used for a long time and it still comes in handy in a power outage. The white jar on the shelf is full of Little Debbie cookies and it never seems to run dry. If her cookie offer is unsuccessful, she’ll try and get you to have a piece of one of those really bright red cakes from the grocery store bakery department.
 If your visit is between lunch and dinner and you’ve made plans already, she’ll scold you for not letting her cook you dinner. And you can never eat enough even if you do cave and let her feed you.
The road that passes between her house and the old dairy barn isn’t particularly busy, but cars drive fast through there.
            (We’ve always wondered why the front porch has two doors)

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