Funny How They Can Look So Similar….

My girls can be as different as night and day. My little one’s eyes shine when she’s happy; she’s a dreadful thing to behold when she’s not.  All children were not created equal with regards to sitting still, and my Girlies are a testament to that. When we read their bedtime story (which is always much longer than this one thinks she can handle and-  no pictures!), she listens best by fidgeting as much as she can get away with or toying with something in her hands. But at the end of the story I’ll ask her a question about what happened, and she generally knows the answer. I think she learns better if she’s moving.
  She always surprises me- with the intensity of her emotions, with sweet things she’ll say- things that only someone who’s an astute observer could pick up on, with the daring heights she’ll jump from, with her sense of comic timing that I don’t have but that makes me laugh so hard.
 I craved spicy foods while I was pregnant with her- not surprising at all!

 This one, on the other hand, doesn’t just sit still- she enjoys concentrating and having a mental challenge to focus on and work through. She loves connect-the-dots and is able to count to 20 and beyond. She “reads” books to her little sister that she’s memorized from hearing them read to her so much.  And if I’m looking for something that has recently been misplaced (usually by her little sister or myself), without fail she will know where it is. Seriously!  If life around her is content and happy, she is content and happy. If Daddy is home a lot, she is extra content and happy. She asks me almost every morning if I’ll put a bow in her hair (thankfully she’s learned not to even bother asking about the especially outlandish ones- she knows she’ll get turned down) because she loves all things girly. Yesterday she said from the backseat of the car that my hair looked like a flower =)
 I’m so curious what dimension Munchkin #3 will add to this family…


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